Portrait lighting techniques with Paolo Verzone – 1

Four days of intense visual and conceptual analysis of lighting in portrait photography and exercises in shooting, to delve into the different methods of lighting and give participants the opportunity to learn how to use various light sources (daylight / flash / permanent light) both separately and simultaneously.


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Emanuela Colombo
Lorenzo Berni
Tommaso Simone
Michela Benaglia
Gabriele Fanelli
Andrea Kunkl
Viola Tofani
Ana Blagojevic
Valentina Berlinghieri
Sara Magni
Cristina Panicali
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Digital storytelling with Ziyah Gafic and Paul Lowe

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“Bosnia – Aftermath: 20 years of peace. A documentary journey”


A 5 days full-immersion workshop with photographer ZIYAH GAFIC, author of the project ‘Quest for Identity’ and Ted fellow and PAUL LOWE Course Director MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Communication.

DOCUMENTARY STORYTELLING – In the digital age everyone is photographer. Everyone has access to the equipment that is vastly superior then what photography forefathers could even dream of. But technology doesn’t give you the set of skills and ethical guidelines needed to produce quality photography that could stand the test of time. Photography may just be the finest tool we have to tell compelling stories that our viewers will believe in. In the era of manipulation and mass production of information It is our duty to produce veritable, accurate, believable and appealing imagery.

This year Bosnia is marking pivotal date in its millennial history. Peace agreements signed in Dayton, Ohio in 1995 ended four year long bloodshed that left the country in ruins and nearly 200 000 dead. It is perfect occasion to witness amazing country in transition. 

This workshop is about YOU,YOUR photography and now about us and long self celebrating talks and presentation. We will dedicate one on one sessions with each of you and try to help you find you inner voice and story only you can tell. We will work with you on short assignments which will help us understand you and which will allow us instant feedback. During our workshop we will attend 20th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica and mass funeral of victims identified in the past year. This will be real life experience of a emotional and dramatic event. The aim is to put you in highly energized situation and to learn how to observe and interact rather then being a mere witness.

Included in the workshop CANSON INFINITY will provide  each participant with its top-quality paper for a 12 image portfolio printing session together with LINKE. professional master printer. FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses will be available to participants for testing.


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WORKSHOP HOURS:    10 am-19 pm         INFO: workshop@linkelab.net


PARTICIPANTS: max 15 (professional photographers, advanced amateurs, journalist)


LANGUAGE: English and Italian (according to audience).


PRICE: Euro 480 (includes 5 day masterclass +private minibus transportation Sarajevo – Srebrenica+a 12 image portfolio printed in Sarajevo on Canson Infinity fine art paper)


SPECIAL OFFERS: 15% discount by June 21, 2015


TRAVEL & ACCOMODATIONS: tuition does not include travel, accommodations or on the ground expenses. Participants are expected to make their own arrangements regarding travel and accommodation venues. A list of possible travel solutions and accommodations (hotels and apts) will be provided to successful candidates.


LINKE. is pleased of its partnership with high level brands of the photographic industry such as


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Book presentation and Book-Signing

Dreaming Leone, Tabernas Desert, Almeria, Spain, November 2011.


DREAMING LEONE, From project to self-publish
25 Giugno, 2015, ore 19:00, LINKE. lab.


In the 70s and 80s, the Tabernas desert near Almeria in Southern Spain became the Hollywood of Westerns. It was here that legendary filmmaker Sergio Leone made movies like “Once Upon a Time in the West”, “For a Fistful of Dollars”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, making the desert of Tabernas, with its landscapes, movies sets, and relatively low cost, a point of reference for the Spaghetti Westerns culture.
In the last years, the film sets were turned into fairgrounds or were abandoned, and the people who worked and lived around the cinema circuit, such as stuntmen and extras, dedicated themselves to doing Western performances to attract tourists, yearning for the glory days of Western movies, revealing the existence of a disappearing world.
Dreaming Leone the book takes the cue from this world: a former documentary project by Alvaro Deprit on the cinema industry and its crisis in his native Spain, has evolved into a self publish photobook in collaboration Michela Palermo, as editor and designer of it.
In 2014 the photobook has been shortlisted for the Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award,
the ViennaPhotoBookFestival, and received a Special Mention at Self Publish Riga.
Alvaro says, “The book is a tribute to classic Spaghetti Western movies, and especially to
the collective unconscious of this current”. Michela says, “Alvaro and I saw the power
of telling this story in a book form, so we decided to set Alvaro’s images in an object
that could give something of the legacy of the world created by Sergio Leone back to
the viewer.”


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Urban Geographies. Storytelling with George Georgiou

georgiou foto

Un’intensa esperienza fotografica sul territorio di Milano durante la Expo 2015 guidata da George Georgiou, fotografo britannico autore del libro Last Stop.
Nel workshop si approfondirà il concetto di esplorazione di un territorio, considerato nella sua complessità, migliorando le proprie capacità di elaborazione concettuale e fotografica della narrazione.
A chiusura del workshop ogni studente riceverà il proprio portfolio di 12 immagini stampato su carta Hahnemuhle. I partecipanti avranno in uso fotocamere e ottiche della Serie X messe a disposizione da FUJI.

Scarica il programma qui

COSTO: 350 euro sconto studenti 10% MAX 10 partecipanti INFO e iscrizioni: workshop@linkelab.net

In collaborazione con


Teun van der Heijden: The beauty of the photo book